Using Email Marketing To Sell A Product

Email marketing is one of the most consistent ways of earning money and gaining conversions. A trusted email marketer will do a lot more in sales compared to someone who uses other means. It has been proven for years and selling a product is just easier with this method.

How does one go about using email marketing to get those conversions? The leads will be there, but they have to rely on the words being written in the email(s).

Here is more on what email marketing can do and how it should be set up.

1) Don’t Advertise With Every Email

For all three points, the example of inflatable boats will be used to explain how an email marketing campaign should be run. The example site can be found here:

The first tip is to not advertise the inflatable boats with every single email. This gets odd and you will come across as a spammer who has nothing of value to add. This is boring and is disregarded even if the information is wonderful.

You have to look at spreading good information and emails that are not selling anything into the mix. At most, every second email should advertise a product.

2) Personalize

You don’t want them to feel as if the emails have been copied and pasted. They might be on your end, but they shouldn’t feel this.

If you are talking about inflatable boats, you want to talk about how the boats could change their life. You want to use their name if possible (there are ways to automate this) and go from there. You can’t avoid personalization at a time where people are particular about what they are reading.

If it seems generic, they will discard it in seconds. You cannot let this happen as you will hate the conversion rate you end up getting.

3) Spread It Out

Let’s continue with the inflatable boats example. Let’s say you are selling these products, you want to spread out how often the emails are going through. This is when they will hate waking up and seeing your email right at the top.

It should be a surprise and come once or twice a week. It should not be a chore for them to delete it. This is when they turn on you and unsubscribe.

Spread out the emails and make sure you are not spamming as mentioned before. You would sell more inflatable boats if that is how you approach it.

This is how you use email marketing to sell a product and it is a safe method for everyone. Just ensure you are getting proper subscribers and not adding random people to your list. This is now illegal because of the CAN-SPAM act and you could get charged.

Be reasonable with your methods because you don’t need as many subscribers to earn money. Email marketing does more for you as long as the right method is being employed. Think about the three things listed here and focus on those.

How Email Marketing Can Help Your SEO Efforts

increase traffic and sales

Search engine optimization is one of the more talked about topics in marketing today. So many companies want to be organically ranked at the number one position of Google and they are willing to do whatever it takes in order to achieve that goal, that they eventually neglect simple techniques that can help them profit along the way. If a company works to make their way to the top of Google, it will do them absolutely no good, if they fail to connect with every new customer and engage them regularly. To get a more clear explanation, you can check out what the folks at Ascension Marketing Solutions, a Lubbock SEO Company, have to say about this very matter in their YouTube Video posted here

How do you engage your customer as you rise to the top?

Email Marketing is the first, and easiest step toward converting from Search Engine Optimization to Search Engine Marketing. The goal is to use email marketing as a tool to capitalize on your SEO.  If you are moving up the ranks in search engines, you will gradually encounter a larger piece of the overall pie, so you need tools in place to capture and profit off of every new customer. This will not only justify the overall costs of SEO but it could prove to be the most profitable resource in your online arsenal.

But why is it so important to make
sure that you are engaging your clients through email as you optimize your site to be ranked by search engines?

The reason is, when you were engaging traffic primarily through branded or traditional marketing platforms, you’re Target demographic was easier to define. You knew that the people who were engaging your site we’re interested specifically in your product and your place of business. However, as you move up in the ranks of Google, Being, Or Yahoo, You must realize that you will be engaging a new customer that may or may not understand your unique flavor in the marketplace. By utilizing email marketing in your SEO domination, you are able to not only engage your customer, but also educate your customer as to the unique nature of your business and your product. It’s very similar to how you engage with folks on Social Media, just in a slightly different format. Again, as an example, you can take a look at Ascension Marketing Solutions’ Facebook Page, or check out the Lubbock SEO Company on Twitter.

Search engine optimization alone may increase your traffic, but if you fail to engage that client, customer, or viewer, you fail to capitalize on your optimization. In a way, what you’re able to do by capturing and utilizing high quality email marketing tools is create a relatable link between your customer and do your product.  As your products grow your regular interaction with your customer will help them to grow along with it.  As new products are placed on the market, your best customers will be able to form a foundation that can help your business reach new heights.

For example, I had a client years ago who wanted to be the premier wedding photographer in San Francisco. He assumed that because his customers were likely to only get married once, there was no need to regularly engage his customers. And in spite of the fact that he moved from the third page of Google to the third position for his particular keyword, his lack of quality engagement hampered his ability to develop his client. He failed to connect with his client on a regular basis before and after their wedding, which resulted in lower levels of satisfaction, As well as, a failure to be able to sell additional services.

You may be wondering what kind of additional services a wedding photographer could sell.  But when you consider the lifelong needs of families and individuals, it is easy to recognize opportunities to sell additional photography services.

Family photos, pregnancy and infant photos, Life events, and many other occasions call for the services of a great photographer. However, this particular client was unable to cash in on these additional services, because he failed to utilize email marketing as he grew his business through search engine optimization. Here is a resource you can check out to help you with up-selling your products in order to keep you from missing out on some additional sales like my previous client did.

Regardless of the product, the venue, or the area it is easy to see how search engine optimization is valuable for any company. However, email marketing is just as important and must be just as well developed in order for it to be well-received by your clients. Making sure that you are gathering and utilizing emails is a vital step in your long-term acquisition of quality customers who recognize you as the authority in your particular marketplace.

One additional benefit of having a great Email Marketing strategy as you work to improve your search engine rankings is the additional traffic and interaction on your own website. Simple links from your email to your site will help naturally boost your traffic and having an improved web platform (which is often necessary in SEO) will help your traffic interaction to improve.  You will have more people looking at more pages and spending more time on your site.  Each of these will bolster your SEO efforts and can make a substantial difference in your placement over the long haul.

Do SEO right, and do it ethically, but don’t forget your customers along the way!

3 Biggest Mistakes In Email Marketing

email marketing dontsEveryone knows that there’re a lot of ways to get email marketing right, but there are just as many ways to get it wrong. The fact of the matter is, with any good product there is a way to misuse it to the extent that it fails to drive business toward your site, and often drives customers away. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to advertise on a street sign or billboard, the way you engage your audience is critically important if you hope to turn that audience into a customer. And that really is the name of the game. We want to take the people who see our advertising efforts, and convince them to purchase the products that we serve.

Email marketing is a wonderful product that is offered by many different companies online that allow you to gather, manage, and engage customers through their emails in a way that drives business toward your products and services. However, like we said before, it is possible to misuse this product and drive customers away. Here is a list of three of the biggest mistake business owners make in their email marketing strategy.

They simply fail to see the value of email marketing.

I know what you’re thinking. You are wondering how this could possibly be the first mistake, but if you are reading this article, you realize that there are people who fail to use email marketing in their customer engagement. You may even be one of these people. And having realized your mistake, you are here to find some answers about how to improve your ability to engage your customer through email marketing. If you are failing to gather emails from your current and potential customers, you are missing out on money that could be yours. If you fail to engage the customers who give you their email address you are missing out on money that could be yours.

If you are not yet engaged in an email gathering and marketing strategy, don’t let the day go by before you begin this work.

They fail to sell their best products when engaging their customers in email marketing.

You want to sell your best product to your best customer. If the customer is willing to give you their email address and check the little box that says they don’t mind you giving them emails once a month, they are one of your better customers. So you need to realize that this is the kind of customer that is eager to hear about your best product. So tell them about it!

Let them know about special pricing that you have for your best customers. Even if that is a 10% discount on all products at all times. If these people see themselves as an exclusive group that get exclusive rights to exclusive products, you will be able to engage them in the kind of volume-based buying that creates a more profitable bottom line.

Stop selling yourself and your products short when you engage your customers by email. Find out what your highest profit product is and sell it regularly to this group.

They say too much and never ask anything.

What I mean by this is that companies who typically begin the process of email marketing assume that this is a platform where they primarily educate rather than sell. However the opposite is actually true. Selling products in your marketing efforts is the number one thing you want to do as you engage your customer base. Yes, you want to educate your customer, but that can only come when the customer is interested in the products that you’re selling. Your customer could care less how environmentally safe you are with your product development, if the product that you are selling is of no interest to them. So as much as you inform your customer about a product, you must be ready to give them a way to purchase that product at a substantial benefit to that customer. If the customer feels as though they are getting a great deal, they will be much more likely to make the purchase.

Make no mistake, the most important thing that you need to do email marketing is gather email addresses, and engage your customers. However, if you can remember that the customer needs to feel valuable, and the product needs to seem more accessible, then your email marketing strategy will most likely be a positive element in your overall advertising goals. Watch out for these three common mistakes, and I think you will find that email marketing is a great way to highlight high-profit products to your most valuable customers.


Here are a few tips on the DO’s side of things, just because we want to help you get a great start! Enjoy.

Using Coupons In Your Email List

Recently, I was consulting with a client who wanted to get a lot more out of his email list.  He was a skilled email address gatherer, but he lacked creativity concerning how to use them.  Having a large email list is great, but if you aren’t doing anything with it, you may as well throw it away.   Also, you need to make sure that your email program engages your customers rather than putting them off.  Every time they see your email, they should be excited to open it.

How do you excite customers about your Monthly Email?

Simple, you only need to keep doing the thing you did to gather the email address.  Many of you are gathering email addresses by trading something of value to the customer for the address.  That’s great! Keep doing that!

Using the same technique to regularly engage your clients as you did to gather their information is a great place to start because you know that particular technique works on that particular client.

Simply stated, people want what they want.

If you want to make sure your customers are satisfied, with their experience then you need to keep giving them what they came for.

In the case of my client, we did a little brainstorming about what kind of customer he was trying to attract to his store.  Because of his particular circumstances, he wanted to attract people who fancied themselves fashionably advanced and frugal at the same time.  He wanted to engage a group of people who would come to shop for a great deal, and would pay a little extra when they found it because they knew they were getting a great deal on a piece of fashion that would cost them dearly somewhere else.

So when he wanted to use the email addresses he had, he really needed to appeal to his customer in a way that would resonate with them more than once.  The answer was actually provided by the clients he engaged.  He only had to appeal to their particular sense of style and sensibility.  He began a monthly coupon email that allowed his customers to chose the kind of clothing that they could get using the deep discount.

email couponsFor example, he sends out an email advertising a 40% off coupon for any kind of merchandise.  The customer gets to decide what kinds of items they will apply the coupon toward.

Some people may choose to use the coupon for shorts, while others use it for accessories.  In whatever case, they tend to purchase more of that item in one visit than they otherwise would.  Additionally, they are more likely to use their “savings” in another department.

Our Client found that his average sales increased dramatically as a result of the coupon codes.  On average, the customers that used the coupon codes in the store, spent 31% more than those who didn’t.  Even in instances where customers had other coupons for 10%-25% off their entire purchase, the customers were willing to purchase a greater quantity of items with the “Deep Discount Code” believing that they were getting a better deal in the process.

In one particular case, a customer found himself purchasing over $200 worth of hygiene products because he wanted to give them away for Christmas.  Additionally, he saw such “savings” that he spent another $100 on clothes for himself.  The fact that a person is able to save so much on one kind of product does not decrease their need for other stuff, and it makes more sense to most shoppers to capitalize on the discount by loading up on things they will, “eventually need.”

One of the more regular customers in the store saw the monthly discount as a way to stock up on one particular kind of item each month, and though she rarely bought anything that did not receive the discount, month after month she made her way back into the store.

However in order for the discount codes to work for you and your customers, you must make sure that they encourage the customer to do what you want them to do.  If you want people to shop online, make sure the email connection encourages that kind of activity.  If you want people to come into the store, give them a reason to do so. Here is a quick example of how a one might use a coupon in their email list:

If you don’t want to use coupon codes, or don’t want to deal with the process of discounted items in your register, consider giving away a particular product with all purchases over a certain dollar amount.

Get creative!

Maybe give a deep discount if customers bring an item to donate to a local charity.

Or even create an elaborate scavenger hunt inside your store to better engage your most diehard customers.

Whatever it takes to get your customers excited about engaging your product in a new and exciting way.  When you offer something that they can’t get anywhere else, they are more likely to think of you between emails.

Tips On Capturing Email Leads


email marketing tips

Every time you enter your email address online, you are sharing contact information with the person to whom you give it, and more than likely, you are also sharing that information with whomever they sell it to.  Email addresses are gathered in a lot of different ways and by a lot of different people, but the important thing to realize is that every company in the world seems to want them.  They are traded for online shopping codes, or access to extraordinary content online, and then monetized by the organization that gathered the information.  This is done by selling the email to an interested party or possibly used in a direct marketing campaign to sell to the customers themselves.

It’s easy to see why people want email addresses so much.  They offer you a great way to engage customers with new products.  Email addresses may be the greatest marketing tool for small business because they are cost effective.  Gathering emails is such a big business that people are willing to do anything to get them, and other companies will pay big money to acquire them.

So how do you get a customer to give up their email address?

The answer is a lot simpler than you might think.  If you want your customers to give up something as valuable as their email address, you first need to ask for it.

Yep, it may just be that simple.  Ask them for their email address, and offer them something of real value in trade for it.  Help them understand how valuable you see them, and their contact information.  If you give them something of real value, you can give them the kind of incentive that is necessary to convince them that their end of the deal is worth it.

So what is something of real value?

Well, it’s anything that you ordinarily sell, that they can have for free.

If you have something that you value, and you are willing to give it to your customer, they may be more willing to trade their email address for that valuable item.  If the thing you offer in return for the email address is of little or no value to the customer then your chances of getting what you really want is unlikely.

If you don’t offer a product to your online shoppers (especially if your website is a blog or some other sort of engagement media) you may need to trade access rather than a product.  Rather than fabricating something in order to gather email addresses, you may consider granting access to your best material through a subscriber list.

Subscriber lists are a great way to gather email addresses and engage your most invested clients with your products, services, or material.  The engagement is really the thing you are after so the login information is a means to that.  Not only can you give better information in these exclusive zones, but you get to reach out to your customer on a regular basis to develop a better relationship between that customer and your online platform.

The last way to gather email addresses is by using a pop-up window.  You may not like seeing pop-ups when you are navigating a page on the internet, but the fact of the matter is that pop-ups are one of the most effective email gathering tools on the market.

The reason is that the customer may be ready to give the information in trade for a product, service, or access to your best content, but they didn’t know that it was even an option.  If they are engaged for the express purpose of making that trade, they are far more likely to do so.

When you gather email addresses, the last thing you want to do is squander the resource you have.  Using an email marketing service is a great way to effectively use the emails you gather in a way that actually makes sense…and dollars.

Remember, the key is to trade what you really want for something that they really want.  If you don’t have anything to trade, you shouldn’t bother trying to collect emails, but if you produce anything of value, there is no reason you shouldn’t be gathering email addresses and regularly engaging your customers.

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