Tips On Capturing Email Leads


email marketing tips

Every time you enter your email address online, you are sharing contact information with the person to whom you give it, and more than likely, you are also sharing that information with whomever they sell it to.  Email addresses are gathered in a lot of different ways and by a lot of different people, but the important thing to realize is that every company in the world seems to want them.  They are traded for online shopping codes, or access to extraordinary content online, and then monetized by the organization that gathered the information.  This is done by selling the email to an interested party or possibly used in a direct marketing campaign to sell to the customers themselves.

It’s easy to see why people want email addresses so much.  They offer you a great way to engage customers with new products.  Email addresses may be the greatest marketing tool for small business because they are cost effective.  Gathering emails is such a big business that people are willing to do anything to get them, and other companies will pay big money to acquire them.

So how do you get a customer to give up their email address?

The answer is a lot simpler than you might think.  If you want your customers to give up something as valuable as their email address, you first need to ask for it.

Yep, it may just be that simple.  Ask them for their email address, and offer them something of real value in trade for it.  Help them understand how valuable you see them, and their contact information.  If you give them something of real value, you can give them the kind of incentive that is necessary to convince them that their end of the deal is worth it.

So what is something of real value?

Well, it’s anything that you ordinarily sell, that they can have for free.

If you have something that you value, and you are willing to give it to your customer, they may be more willing to trade their email address for that valuable item.  If the thing you offer in return for the email address is of little or no value to the customer then your chances of getting what you really want is unlikely.

If you don’t offer a product to your online shoppers (especially if your website is a blog or some other sort of engagement media) you may need to trade access rather than a product.  Rather than fabricating something in order to gather email addresses, you may consider granting access to your best material through a subscriber list.

Subscriber lists are a great way to gather email addresses and engage your most invested clients with your products, services, or material.  The engagement is really the thing you are after so the login information is a means to that.  Not only can you give better information in these exclusive zones, but you get to reach out to your customer on a regular basis to develop a better relationship between that customer and your online platform.

The last way to gather email addresses is by using a pop-up window.  You may not like seeing pop-ups when you are navigating a page on the internet, but the fact of the matter is that pop-ups are one of the most effective email gathering tools on the market.

The reason is that the customer may be ready to give the information in trade for a product, service, or access to your best content, but they didn’t know that it was even an option.  If they are engaged for the express purpose of making that trade, they are far more likely to do so.

When you gather email addresses, the last thing you want to do is squander the resource you have.  Using an email marketing service is a great way to effectively use the emails you gather in a way that actually makes sense…and dollars.

Remember, the key is to trade what you really want for something that they really want.  If you don’t have anything to trade, you shouldn’t bother trying to collect emails, but if you produce anything of value, there is no reason you shouldn’t be gathering email addresses and regularly engaging your customers.