Using Email Marketing To Sell A Product

Email marketing is one of the most consistent ways of earning money and gaining conversions. A trusted email marketer will do a lot more in sales compared to someone who uses other means. It has been proven for years and selling a product is just easier with this method.

How does one go about using email marketing to get those conversions? The leads will be there, but they have to rely on the words being written in the email(s).

Here is more on what email marketing can do and how it should be set up.

1) Don’t Advertise With Every Email

For all three points, the example of inflatable boats will be used to explain how an email marketing campaign should be run. The example site can be found here:

The first tip is to not advertise the inflatable boats with every single email. This gets odd and you will come across as a spammer who has nothing of value to add. This is boring and is disregarded even if the information is wonderful.

You have to look at spreading good information and emails that are not selling anything into the mix. At most, every second email should advertise a product.

2) Personalize

You don’t want them to feel as if the emails have been copied and pasted. They might be on your end, but they shouldn’t feel this.

If you are talking about inflatable boats, you want to talk about how the boats could change their life. You want to use their name if possible (there are ways to automate this) and go from there. You can’t avoid personalization at a time where people are particular about what they are reading.

If it seems generic, they will discard it in seconds. You cannot let this happen as you will hate the conversion rate you end up getting.

3) Spread It Out

Let’s continue with the inflatable boats example. Let’s say you are selling these products, you want to spread out how often the emails are going through. This is when they will hate waking up and seeing your email right at the top.

It should be a surprise and come once or twice a week. It should not be a chore for them to delete it. This is when they turn on you and unsubscribe.

Spread out the emails and make sure you are not spamming as mentioned before. You would sell more inflatable boats if that is how you approach it.

This is how you use email marketing to sell a product and it is a safe method for everyone. Just ensure you are getting proper subscribers and not adding random people to your list. This is now illegal because of the CAN-SPAM act and you could get charged.

Be reasonable with your methods because you don’t need as many subscribers to earn money. Email marketing does more for you as long as the right method is being employed. Think about the three things listed here and focus on those.

Written By leon schmidt